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Wedding & Special Event Flowers

We are delighted to receive daily calls from couples who simply love our floral work.
For many the first question is “how much” will my wedding/special event flowers cost
but to be honest, that is a difficult question to answer in a brief conversation as it all
depends on type of flowers, season, and more. The reality is you can spend as little or
as much as your budget will allow but variables such as your type of style, appreciation
for quality and expectations can vary the cost.

At Kensington, we specialize in working with clients who want to create a truly unique
floral experience with custom details and touches of surprising or “out-of-the-box”
elements. Creating weddings and special events with our signature style does require a
flexible budget and most of our couples will fall between $6,000 – $35,000.

Our clients who have slightly stricter budgets but still want our Kensington style to shine
through for your special day/event, can contact us for pre-packaged options (Yorkshire,
Dorset and Cornwall). Our DIY couples who are only looking for Bridal Party Floral
options, don’t worry, we have you covered!!

We look forward to connecting with of all of you and designing your dream wedding!
Please feel free to call us at 847.675.3789 or email us at Enquiry@kensingtonflorals.com.